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We have limited the size and the number of pictures per page to keep download times to a minimum!  If you want to submit a picture, please send your name, date, species, weight, and details of the rig and bait etc. & email it here...


  * specimen fish    f fly caught fish     R new record fish   r rare capture


Page 1 Thornback Ray * Coalfish * Thornback Ray Pollack Plaice * Smoothhound
Page 2 Triggerfish f Codling Conger Eel * Blonde Ray * Flounder Conger Eel
Page 3 Coalfish * Flounder Flounder Thornback Ray 'Full House' Pollack
Page 4 Pollack Twaite Shad * Sea trout * Pollack Pollack Pollack
Page 5 Wrasse Cod * Tope * Tope * Thornback Ray 'Double Shot'
Page 6 Pollack Conger Eel Pollack Tope * Skate * Turbot
Page 7 Ling Red Gurnard Bull  Huss Bull Huss Bull Huss Bass
Page 8 Thornback Ray Bass Coalfish * Spotted Ray Tope Blonde Ray
Page 9 Painted Ray Skate * Anglerfish Tope Thornback Ray * Tope
Page 10 Thornback Ray * Smoothhound Cuckoo Ray Ballen Wrasse Bass Pollack
Page 11 Pollack Conger Eel Pollack Triggerfish Ballen Wrasse Painted Rays
Page 12 Spurdog Thornback Ray Pollack * Ballen Wrasse * Blonde Ray * Bull Huss *
Page 13 Thwaite Shad * Bass Bass Codling Ballen Wrasse * Blue Whiting r
Page 14 Ballen Wrasse * Conger Eel Dogfish Whiting Conger Eel Bull Huss
Page 15 Ballen Wrasse Flounder Lobster! John Dory  Tadpole Fish r Conger Eel *
Page 16 Cuckoo Ray Codling Flounder Topknot r Tope * Blonde Ray *
Page 17 Common Skate * Torsk * Tope Bull Huss * Cod Common Skate *
Page 18 Flounder Flounder 3 Bearded Rockling Thornback Ray Gilthead Bream r Codling
Page 19 Bull Huss Thornback Ray Pollack Pollack Thornback Ray Thornback Ray
Page 20