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We have limited the size of the pictures and the pictures per page to keep download times to a minimum!  If you want to submit a picture, include your name, date, species, weight, and details of the rig and bait etc. & email it here...


 Here's Lee Rock again, with a superb 4 lb (1.75 kilo) Ballen Wrasse taken from the "No 5" mark on the flat rocks outside Dunmore East on frozen peeler crab bait.  This was his first wrasse landed without any assistance, and he used a 3/0 hook on a pulley rig.  October 2004.


Prizewinner! A nice pair of flounder, the top one hitting 1.3 kilos, taken together at Portstewart by Shaun Fleming at the Portstewart SAC open.  Bait was rag tipped with cockles and no beads, sequins or other attactors!  Photo courtesy of Mick Kirwan.  October 2004.


Never mind the width, feel the quality!  One of two lobsters landed by Ronald Surgenor fishing from Bangor Pier recently, and we were not told whether it ever made it back or into a hot pot!  October 2004.  Eh, no, sadly Ronald, lobsters will not quality for fishing competitions :-)


Prizewinner!  We've had to wait for so long for one of these summer migrants.  Here's Har Wynne with a juvenile but nicely marked John Dory, taken fishing from his own boat the Lizzy Loo off Kilmore Quay a few weeks back.  Returned alive and well.  September 2004.


Here's Ronald Surgenor, with a Tadpole Fish, aka Lesser Forkbeard taken on a small bait whilst species hunting waiting for the Conger to bite at the back of Bangor Pier.  A rare capture it does not get up much beyond 1 kilo.  BTW the lobsters were returned. :-)  Nov 2004.


 Here is James Guerin with the pick of over 120 eels landed in a recent outing off Courtmacsherry.  This little beauty took a baited pirk and scaled over 28 kilos (62 lbs), not far short of the current Irish record dating from 1914. Nov 2004.  The skipper was Mark Gannon.