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We have limited the size and the number of pictures per page to keep download times to a minimum!  If you want to submit a picture, send your name, date, species, weight, and details of the rig and bait etc. & email it here...


Tony Tait with a specimen 28 lb Blonde Ray from Cork Harbour (Turbot Bank) again off Jim Clohessy's boat... and if you are wondering about Jim himself, he's down below with a plaice! Sean Clohessy with a specimen 27.5 lb Coalfish taken off an unnamed wreck outside Kinsale on a shad, all his brother Jim's Clohessy's boat - they also report that eight other specimen Coalfish were taken on the same trip!
Damien Warren of Dublin Telesport SAC with a nice Thornback just under double figures taken off Cahore in Co. Wexford.  Fresh Mackerel cut into large chunks on a 6/0 did the trick. Yours truly with a typical drift caught 5 lb pollack from the cliffs off Achill Island.  The fish were gorging on sprat and only small feathers worked.  We tried everything else to tempt a bigger fish from the pack but in vain...
Jim Clohessy with a specimen 2.1 kilogram (4.625 lbs) plaice taken on ragworm at anchor on the Turbot Bank on his own boat in Cork Harbour.  It looks more like a halibut doesn't it! The irrepressible Luke Scully with a nice Irish Sea Smoothhound caught on ragworm on a foggy day during the grand Irish summer of 2003 from off his own boat, the uniquely named "Durty Fecker"!