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We have limited the size and number of pictures per page to keep download times to a minimum!  If you want to submit a picture, send your name, date, species, weight, and details of the rig and bait etc. & email it here...


Jon Simmonds from London with a triggerfish caught on the fly in Co Kerry whilst staying at the Cloghvoola Lodge, photo per Roger Baker, editor of the Irish Angler magazine. Stephen Diamond (pictured by the brother John) with a nice Codling aboard John Devereaux' boat out of Kilmore Quay.  He also had a specimen 5 lb Ballan Wrasse on the same trip...   Autumn 2003.
Jan Prizewinner!  Klaas Wijker (Holland) with a fine Conger Eel caught off Kinsale, on Pat Collin's boat "The Barracuda", taken fishing for Whiting! February Prizewinner! He's back for a boat prize too!  It's Jim Clohessy again with yet another impressive ray, a Blonde Ray of 28 lbs taken on the 3rd January 2004 in Cork Harbour...
February Prizewinner! A nice flounder from the Woodstown Beach in Waterford for Lee Rock, fishing with his dad Mick Rock early in January 2004. March Prizewinner!  Here's Neil Moroney pictured in his spaceman suit (!) on Portrush Harbour with a shore specimen Conger of c. 10 kilos taken on a 5/0 on 40 lb mono on a squid mackerel cocktail... and captured at high tide too!