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Irish Angling Festivals & Competitions Survey

image001My name is Paul O’Reilly, I am a graduate student with Cairns School of Business & Economics, NUI Galway, and I am working on a joint project with Inland Fisheries Ireland to try to estimate the value of Irish angling events to the rural towns and communities who host them. The title of the project is ‘The Socio-Economic Impacts of Angling Festivals and Competitions on Local Communities in Ireland’. I have designed a survey which will gather data relating to the distances people are willing to travel to fish in festivals/competitions and how often they are willing to do so – this will be combined with other expenses incurred by participants in such events to estimate the total cost of participating in them and through this we will estimate the true value of such events to the anglers involved and to the host communities. I also have questions on other current aspects of angling such as poaching, commercial over-fishing, pollution etc to gauge angler’s opinions on these issues The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and any information provided through Sea Angling Ireland will be invaluable.

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Does Recreational Angling contribute to the economy?

News Release 22/03/2012

Inland Fisheries Ireland(IFI) has appointed Tourism Development International (TDI) to undertake a Socio-Economic Survey of Recreational Angling in Ireland. The overall objective of the survey is to establish the current volume and value of domestic and overseas recreational angling in Ireland. It will run over the course of 2012.

Pike, coarse fish, Bass, salmon, sea trout, brown trout and sea anglers will all be invited to participate in Irelands most comprehensive angling survey undertaken in decades. The Survey will inform IFI and its tourism partners in relation to the angling product in Ireland and also enable improved strategic planning and decision making in respect of product development and marketing.

‘Anglers are the key to this survey’, commented Minister Fergus O Dowd, TD, ‘they know the resource and they understand the importance of sustainability. What anglers contribute to Ireland’s economy is unknown but I am certain that it is significant. Angling takes place in every river and lake in Ireland and all around our coastline. There is no town or village in Ireland that doesn’t have anglers. It is imperative that the inland fisheries and sea angling resources are managed in the best way possible to ensure enjoyment for our local and visiting anglers, sustainable jobs in rural communities and maximising its potential to add to Ireland’s economy. Getting the right information from those most involved will greatly assist in improving the angling product.’

The survey comprises two parts, a household survey and a survey of recreational anglers which will commence in April. Anglers will be met at fishing locations throughout Ireland and invited to participate there and then, or later by phone or on-line. Every effort will be made to accommodate participation.


Media enquiries: Suzanne Campion ,Head of Business Development, Inland Fisheries Ireland,
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