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Down Antrim Londonderry Shore Index

Londonderry is an odd place in that the only sea fishing is concentrated on one long beach, whilst the almost totally enclosed Foyle estuary is little fished, except on the Donegal side, where it is routinely fished from Redcastle north especially in winter for codling (we're still trying in winkle out the exact locations!).  All this said if you are going to fish a beach in Northern Ireland, Benone or Magilligan Beach as it is known is not bad.  It is massive, you can drive up and down it (with care) and fish from your car seat or boot depending on the weather.  

We are looking for more marks so if you have any ideas, please drop us a line.


Londonderry sweeps east from the Foyle estuary and the city enclosing a vast shallow bay with some deep water channels for the shipping, up around the mouth of the Lough past Magilligan Point and eastwards towards the mouth of the River Bann, itself known far and wide as more than just another good salmon river.  One suspects that the residents around the county can not be bothered to fish locally when they have the varied delights of Donegal on their doorstep, but it is surprising that the eastern shore of the Lough has not been fished to any great extent, given there are known shore marks on the Donegal side from Redcastle north.

Maybe, someone would be kind enough to supply a few new marks?

3 a - Portrush   Okay, these also appear in the Antrim listing, although technically they are definitely west of the border! There are in fact two shore marks here and our thanks to Gary Carleton and newtownabod off the forum for their information.  Species & Techniques: Portrush Harbour holds very few big fish, with Codling and Coalfish of under 1lb the likely catch. The "Blue Pool" in Portrush is a better mark, a good spot for decent Coalies and Pollack.  It can also be used for long range casting during the winter months.  There are various small pools, that, when float fished produce some quality Pollack, Coalies, Wrasse etc.  Finally you might consider bringing or hiring a boat and heading out to the "Skerries Rocks" lying about half a mile off shore.  This mark is good for drifting past with feathers to get big Pollack and Wrasse, with the possibility of a few Cod.  Rag-worms bring in the best results.

3 b - Ramore Head Out thanks to newtownabod off the forum for this information.  Ramore Head in Portrush is a very accesible mark and can be quite productive too! The flat rock mark is literally beside the car park between the Tennis courts and the Wildlife Centre at the Northern end of Portrush town itself. The town is a holiday resort so the mark can be busy during summer months, but there is plenty of room for everyone. Species & Techniques: Float fishing and spinning provide the best sport for pollock and mackeral. The mark fishes best during high tide and just as light is fading. There is a tackle shop just a few hundred yards away and plenty of restraunts and bars to finish off a good evenings fishing.

1 - Magilligan aka Benone Beach   My thanks to Dingbat off the forum for kicking off our listings for Londonderry.  This is the most famous mark. A big long beach stretching from magilligan point to downhill, it is easly located and well sigh posted. Driveable with care, it is one of the few marks where you can fish from the boot of your car.  Keep down towards the water. It operates well in a good surf and is used a lot by clubs and individual anglers. Well known to Ulster Anglers, there is an Open on it most Sundays in the Winter.  Species & Techniques:  The catch is mostly Flounder, with Bass and Dogfish available at night if it is reasonablly calm. The usual baits include rag, lug, mackerel, sandeel, and maddies, but the most used Bait is king rag tipped with mackerel. "It is said the only bait to use is Rag and Mackerel, I will disagree I have caught there on Mackerel alone, Lug and Mackerel." Try the western end towards Magilligan for best results.  Warning. Do not pass the area of the Army camp if the red flag is flying.

2 - The Roe Estuary My thanks to Dingbat off the forum for kicking off our listings for Londonderry.  Turn at the roundabout near Limavady for Benone. Turn left pposite an old Cricket pitch, it is on a bad right hand bend.  The mark is dominated by a wall and large boulders on the seaward side. There is plenty of room and a long expanse of area to fish from... .coming from the Derry direction, you must cross the railway line. If a person coming from Derry crosses a bridge across the Roe, they have gone to far. Species & Techniques: Flounder, Freshwater or Silver Eel are the dominant species. Bait can include Lug, Rag but Peeler Crab is best. Like all estuaries it can be dominated by the crabs. Do not even attempt to use mackerel or any other oily fish as it will not last a second.


We are keen to imrpove the shore mark listings for Northern Ireland so please feel free to email us here.  Thanks.