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Shannon Estuary KERRY - North Kerry - Dingle Shore Index

Fenit is the capital of fishing from boat and shore in North Kerry and rightly so... It is home to the most remarkable feat recorded in Ireland where a 109 lbs Common Skate was brought ashore from Fenit Pier with a bass road and a multiplier loaded with 19 lb line.  It took over 4 hours but must be the greatest light tackle achievement in Irish angling.  A red spot indicates a known mark with recent reports available, whereas a yellow spot indicates a known or suspected mark with no recent data but where you can get lucky!


Most of the marks are near Fenit Island, and that is hardly surprising given the record of fish caught from shore in the area.  What is surprising is that Kerry Head offers just one mark, despite its position at the mouth of the Shannon and the deep water available close to shore... definitely room for an intrepid explorer... The area has become increasingly popular for large competitors in recent years, especially Banna Strand.  Fenit has several charter boats available also, and the tourism infrastructure is extremely well developed in Kerry, whatever your budget, but you can not visit Kerry and not fish Fenit Pier. 

1 - Kerry Head   There are several rock platforms that are accesible from the coast road.  Species & Techniques: Float fishing offers specimen Wrasse, Pollack and Coalfish with Mackerel in Season.  Bull Huss, Conger and Dogfish can be taken bottom fishing.
2 - Banna Strand   Kerry is famous for its beach fishing and here is the start of it.   Species & Techniques: Keep to the east of Black Rock and you can spin for Bass, usually at or around low water.  High water to the north east of the Rock will produce Flatfish, Bass and the odd Turbot.  Surf fishing is done south of the rock on the beach for Bass, Flatfish including Dabs, small Turbot, a few Ray and even Dogfish.  Three marks in one!
3 - Carrahane   The mark here is known locally as "an Poll Gorm" or "the Blue Pool" - it is a deep water mark in the channel.  Species & Techniques: Bottom fishing into the channel will produce all the Flatfish (mostly Flounder), Bass, and Ray, even the odd Tope, with all the Flatfish and Bass also available surf fishing on the flood on the beach.
4 - Barrow Harbour   Though less famous than Fenit Pier, this is a harbour worth wetting a line in... Species & Techniques: Bottom fishing from the quay produce Flatfish, some Bass, Dogfish and it has also produced Tope.  Spinning is also used for Bass.  The rocks at the castle will produce Flounder, small Turbot, Bass and even Ray on warm days.
5 - Fenit Pier   The mecca of many Irish shore anglers and here is why... Species & Techniques: Bottom fishing from the pier, known locally as the "viaduct", will produce, Dabs, Flounder, and lots of Dogfish. Conger are a distinct possibility.  To the seaward side, Pollack and Coalfish are available, along with more Conger.  At the extreme seaward end of the viaduct, you will be fishing into deep water - Ray and Whiting can be added to the list.  Tope, Monkfish and Common Skate have been taken from this mark. Mullet regularly congregate around the harbour and are taken with fish pieces or offal. how is that for variety?  Did we mention Wrasse?


What can you add that has not already been said about fishing in Kerry!