Fishing Mark - Pollacheeny Harbour, Co. Sligo

Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:08 pm

Quote from sea-angling-ireland:

10 - Pollacheeny Harbour This is a new mark, pioneered on a 2002 winter's morning. It is hard to find however a good Ordinance Survey and the Admiralty Chart # 2715 will show you why it is so worth a visit! There is a massive and deep depression in the seabed located slightly south of the rocks and dis-used harbour. Species & Techniques: You have to walk out over the rocks south as the tide recedes and directly west of the point a short cast lands you into the deeper parts of the "hole" - a productive spot! As the tides floods in, care has to be taken and you have to retreat with each successive cast getting longer and the retrieve being made over longer stretches of broken and foul ground. Lead lifts will work well. We were broken twice by very large fish which we now believe may have been Common Skate. We took too many Flounder for words and an old man watching us said it was a known Bass mark on the ebb tide. The last fish was a Codling. ( ... yo%203.htm)

I went there, still have no idea about where the "hole" is. See the photos, more and higher resolution pictures are available at: ... sligo.html


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