I Need A Photographer

Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:33 pm


I have some rods that need to be photographed, they are for Ian Golds's website.....wait for it....the blanks are jet black and shiny, the guides are shiny chrome and the logo along the side of the butt section is also in shiny silver, they look great but I think they may be hard to photograph!

I have horizontal racks that the butt and tip sections (one above the other) can be rested on at any height to use a camera with tripod, I also have dull fabrics (red or blue) for back ground and silver fabric for reflecions if needed.

If anyone in and around the Dublin area feels they can help me out with these and get a result good enough for the website they will be well looked after, that's for sure.

PM me with a phone number if your interested in discussing it.