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"It was bigger than dad's!" For all you juniors who delight in showing us up from time to time, get your pictures and stories in here. Not forgetting you old fogeys who may have a picture or two kicking around from a bygone year of your first catch......
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east coast raiders juniors open day 29thaug @ 3pm on wicklow

Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:26 pm

east coast raiders juniors are going to have an open day on 29th aug @ 3pm on wicklow pier just for a bit of fun before the last comp of the year . Mini species are the order of the day so all you will need are 1 hook rigs with small hooks size 6's or 8's and some rag.
Small wrasse,pollock,pouting and other species will be avalable

All kids are welcome so long as they have a parent/guardian with them.

i can be contacted by text on 0866690547 or e-mail on fintan.kavanagh@hp.com or pm me on this site
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