Glasson Dock, Lancashire

Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:36 am

New to the site, but I've been lurking awhile reading the reports from the Emerald Isle for some time and thought maybe it was time to contribute in some small way. I know it's not a report from Ireland but maybe of some interest to the youngsters of the site.

Got a phone call early Sunday morning from my mate Phil and his lads to go about today? :?
As I was still in bed I leaned out and parted the curtains, expecting wind, rain & grey skies. Surprisingly it was sunny & blue skies :D so a quick check of the tide table on the bedside cabinet (essential bedtime reading!) and it was game on.
As it was only an off the cuff quick sesh, and we only had what was in the freezer for bait (black lug & squid), Glasson dock near Lancaster in Lancashire was the nearest suitable venue.

We arrived at dead on high water and quickly set up.....

I couldn't believe the weather, the forecast was for wind & rain...

We'd missed the best of the tide, the flood & high water :? once the tide turns the combination of the water coming down the river and the retreating tide makes it hard to hold bottom. We combated this by casting upstream and letting the (grip!) leads slowly bounce downtide which resulted in my lad Dom christening the new rod he got for Christmas at last :D..........

A few casts later, Phil's lad Henry pulled in a good fish......

There looked to be a few people fishing on the bend of the river, behind the Vic pub.......
Me and Phil immediately had the same idea......cycle down in summer with the families and have a few pints whilst we fish :D :D :wink: the wives can sit in the beer garden and gossip, and keep us supplied with cool refreshing beer......does that sound like a plan?

We'd only been there maybe 90 minutes and the bait was running low, and kids interest was starting to wane a bit, then Dom pulled in another.......

Phil's youngest, George, didn't manage a fish this time....but never mind........there's always next time :wink: :D :D

Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:36 am

Hello Rushy. Nice report and pics mate. :D

Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:17 am

Welcome to the site and well done to the youngsters. It's always great to see kids out with a rod in their hands, where it happens is secondary to the fishing.