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Allis Shad, Alosa alosa

Irish Record Fish: We have withdrawn the details on the Irish record and specimen weights as the current IFSC rules require anglers kill all such fish, hardly sporting or conservation minded, is it?  Alternatives exist.
Boat Specimen:
Shore Specimen:
Photo Credit:

 Trevor Meyer

Introduction: The Allis Shad is a migratory fish that spawns in the rivers of southern Ireland during May and June.  Any fish over a kilo (2 lbs) is a fair size as they would not be expected to exceed 2 kilos (4.5 lbs) at the most. It is a rare fish and that is putting it mildly.  Any captures should be reported to the local fisheries board immediately.  Catch and release is very strongly recommended as both species of Shad are under pressure from loss of habitat, loss of spawning beds and commercial fishing..  Any additional information on this particular species will be welcome. 

Boat tactics: There is little or no information on how to catch an Allis Shad, albeit we can reasonably assume that it closely mirrors the Thwaite Shad in terms of its preferences and behaviour.  It is not really a sea fish... 

Shore tactics: Any of the major estuaries along the south coast offer a chance, and it is possible that Allis Shad have been caught at St. Mullins and been mis-identified as Thwaite Shad.  Obstructions in rivers have been key to their decline in that they have blocked the spawning runs of the fish, but as recent reports show, if salmon can naturally re-colonise rivers re-opened to them without the need for stocking, why not Shad?  There are unconfirmed reports of Shad from several small rivers in Kerry.