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Twaite Shad, Alosa fallax

Irish Record Fish: We have withdrawn the details on the Irish record and specimen weights as the current IFSC rules require anglers kill all such fish, hardly sporting or conservation minded, is it?  Alternatives exist.
Boat Specimen:
Shore Specimen:
Photo Credit:

Brian Cooke, St Mullins, May 2004

Introduction: The Twaite Shad is a migratory fish that spawns in the rivers of southern Ireland in May and June.  Most fishing is done on the rivers using small spinners but they can be taken at sea during this time or on occassion.  St. Mullins on the Barrow River is the mark in Ireland. April to May is peak season.  Any additional data would be welcomed.  Our thanks to Brian Cooke from the forum for supplying this new photograph and his recommendation for Tasmanian Devil lures.

Boat tactics: There is little or no information on how to catch a Twaite Shad at sea, albeit we can assume that its instincts will closely mirror its behaviour heading up-river, e.g. mackerel spinners.  It is not really a sea fish but it is a possibility in Waterford Harbour. Again any additional information would be welcomed.

Shore tactics: Any of the major estuaries along the south coast offer a chance, but the place to go is St. Mullins on the River Barrow in Co. Wexford, that if if you can find a space!  Early May is when the run begins and it lasts for only a few weeks - it can also be strongly impacted by the weather, for example spate conditions following heavy rainfall.  There used to be a decent run of them up the Slaney in times past with Ferrycarraig a known spot on a flooding tide and it is possible that it runs other rivers, but damage to its spawning beds and man made obstructions have not helped its situation.