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You have found Sea-Angling-Ireland SAC.

Why would you join?

If you work odd hours and/or you are located geographically a long way from a sea angling club, then here is the perfect solution.  Members of the bulletin boards have held both comeptitions and informal meets in Leinster, Connaught Munster and Ulster. You can participate on the bulletin boards (the life blood of this community website) fully without being a member of the SAC.

As a member of an IFSA affiliated SAC, you would be able to compete in all other IFSA club open competitions, and you will have the benefit of the IFSA insurance scheme.

What about visitors or tourists to Ireland?

Maybe you are a regular visitor to Ireland, a keen angler but you lack the local knowledge and would like to be able to link up in advance and meet fellow anglers when on holidays?  Here is the perfect opportunity.  

Who knows, you might even get a chance to bring a trophy home with you!  I know Tim and several other UK anglers are ready to join or are already members, and everyone will be made very welcome.

What are the rules?

We abide by the IFSA rule book, but we would ask everyone to consider them carefully and to feel free to recommend changes / additions / alternations etc. and we are keen on what other people think...

We are delighted to see the rules emphasise catch and release and other conservation and safety measures.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Who can join?



Elected club officials will have to submit a full CV and references.  Training will be provided if/as required for club officials in relation to the proper management of the club e.g. transparency in collecting monies etc.

2011 officers are:  

President Kieran Hanrahan
Chairman Pete Davis
Secretary John Diamond
PRO Sean Ivory
Treasurer Kevin McClean
Recorder Keith Murphy
Committee Members Mark Beatty,Andy Boyce,Donal Domeney,JP Molloy,Cormac Walsh

How much is it?

Seniors: 70 Euro       

We will look at discounts for families on a case by case basis.  A sizeable chunk goes to the IFSA for affiliation and insurance.  The more people join, the more we will have available to fund competitions, meetings, and possibly other events around the country. Of course, if you want to give more, please feel free :-) and we will list you on the site as a honourable sponsor of the Sea Angling Ireland SAC.  

How can you join?

Membership Open for 2012

Full Membership costs 70 Euro a year, you may enter our competitions and you will have a vote at the Sea Angling Ireland AGM.

If You have a Paypal account or Credit Card enter your site username and click the button below.

Site Username (Please complete

You may also join "Offline"

Offline: Mail a cheque or postal order in Euros only please (enclosing your name and address) payable to " Sea Angling Ireland SAC " for the appropriate amount to:

John Diamond
The Secretary
Sea-Angling-Ireland  SAC
211 Temple Court
Dublin 9

What else do you need to know?

Our intention (February 2005) is that we will register the club properly as a non-profit making oprganisation, with any annual surplus carried forward to fund competitions etc.  It may be that the members will decide that some charitable donation might be made to deserving causes, such as the RNLI - that is entirely up to you.

How will the club communicate with you?

On the bulletin boards, specifically the last one which is set aside for SAC business.  We have experimented wirth a chat room but it has not been as successful as anticipated.  If personal communication is required, this can be done with total privacy using the private message (PM) function on the bulletin boards or you can give us your email address and we can use that as well/instead.  The use of modern technology means no letters, no posters, none of your annual subscription wasted.  

What can I get out of it?

As much as you are prepared to put in!  Seriously, if you travel to the competitions you will enjoy them and meet lots of fellow anglers from all over the country - its always nice to put a face to a name / avatar and we will do our best to locate and time competitions so that average anglers will avoid the dreaded blank!  The list of comeptition venues will be posted shortly...

We will be hosting competitions around Ireland at some of the country's premier marks, at times that suit the mark allowing you to target a wide variety of species throughout the year, and we've got some really nice 'social' honour based competitions planned.  Careful planning has gone into the selection of venues and dates to ensure that the mark will be at its best relative to known tidal and other conditions.  Furthermore we've chosen venues where everyone has an equal chance of being 'in the fish'...

More to follow...



Join us.

This club will live or die by the effort expended by the members as much as by any committee.  Being part of a any club, is about taking part, participating in every and any way possible and not waiting for "stuff" to happen.

You can contact Kieran, John, Mark or Kevin on this bulletin board

We feel this club can become the most successful popular and progressive club in Ireland. 

What do you think?