Sea fishing spots galway city

Thu May 16, 2024 6:34 pm

Hi I'm new to fishing and seeing that sea fishing does not need a license I'm having a go. I have made a few pins in Google maps. Would like some feedback if they would be good or not

Re: Sea fishing spots galway city

Sat May 25, 2024 3:27 pm

Only seeing this now, I haven’t fished Salthill in years, it used to be good about 25 years ago.
Across from aquarium we used to get dogfish and huss .
The slipway was always good over low tide for thornback ray, dogs and Huss, with the odd gurnard showing up.

The small beach before the diving board( not the one at the diving board but the one before it) was good for flatfish on an incoming tide, the rocky beach 50 meters from behind the diving tower was good late summer and autumn as it gets dark for dogfish and bull Huss over low or outgoing tide, the back beach at silverstrand on low in the channel would get wrasse, on incoming over the sand would be flatfish and after high if you were lucky you had a chance at bass,and silverstrand main beach late summer on an incoming just before dark would see flatfish coming in. After dark over high there was always the odd seatrout, and I caught my largest bass on that beach fishing for flatties.

As I said, that was years ago, so haven’t a clue how it fishes now.
Mackerel was a good all round bait, and lugworm could be got on whitestrand (Grattan) beach over low tide to the left.

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