Tue Oct 24, 2023 11:21 pm

Hosted by Sea Angling Ireland SAC

Youghal November 18th 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Entry: 25 euro + 5 euro pools

Juniors: 5 euro + 5 euro Pools

Non IFSA members must pay an additional 20 euro to cover a Visitor’s Card

Perpetual Cup and 500 euro for longest Cod*

Prizes for top places in each Zone and overall Match Prize.

Pool: Longest Ray, Longest Flat, Longest Round (excluding Cod)

Entries by 7pm Friday November 17th to:

Marco De Kleer 087-167 2633

Donal O’Neill 087-6905374

John Diamond: 087 7413964

Check in will be at the Walter Raleigh Hotel between 1.00 pm and 3.00pm

*Based on entry of 40 anglers

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Tue Nov 14, 2023 9:28 pm

Competition Rules

All-Ireland Open Cod Championships 2023 fished under IFSA rules.
Fishing times: 16:00–21:00
Each angler must have his/her card marked by the senior angler on his/her right. An angler at the right end peg (highest peg number) of the zone is marked by the senior angler to their left.
Please make sure you fill in your name and peg number on your card when you receive it. To be considered for the largest cod prize you must have its length initialled by the two nearest senior anglers.

When the marker is signing your card at the end of competition he must draw a line under the last fish, write in the number of fish caught and sign his/her name below that line. The marker must also sign the end of the card. He should also record the length of the longest Cod in the space provided on the card.
Biro must be used when filling out the card, pencil is not accepted.

Maximum of 3 hooks allowed, a treble hook counts as 3 hooks, double hook as 2. One rod only to be in use for fishing at any time. Fair Angling methods to be used.

On catching a fish the angler must place the fish in a bucket of fresh sea water until it is recorded. He may cast out again but cannot retrieve that trace until the catch is measured and recorded.

The angler recording the fish is responsible for the release of the fish.

Any fish being kept for culinary use must have its tail cut or marked by the angler recording the card.
Dead fish must not be accepted for measurement. Minimum size is 15 cm. The first 10 undersize fish are recorded on the card.

Fish measured must have its length recorded in centimeters and must be accompanied by the initials of the angler measuring it. Fish are measured down (23.5cm fish is recorded as 23cm). A third angler resolves any disputed fish regarding the length of a fish.

Cards back no later than 45 minutes after lines up
Objections in writing only, no later than 60 minutes after lines up time.

Anglers leaving litter on the beach will be disqualified.
Rays measured snout to tail. Dogfish are 45 length points, with the actual length of the first dogfish caught recorded. Eel<100cm score 35 length points. Eel>=100cm score 95 length points. Weever are counted as undersize and should not be measured.
No salmonids, mackerel, or launce.
Pools: Longest Flat, Longest Round other than Cod, Longest Ray (reserve Tope if no Ray).
Tie Break for Cod Championship is the next longest Cod, if still a tie,the next longest Cod etc, etc.. If still a tie, or no cod are caught, the longest fish of another species (excluding dogfish) will be used as a tie break.
For the match competition, in the event of a tie the greater number of fish (all sizes) will decide, in the event of a second tie the single longest fish will decide, in the event of a third tie the length of the first dogfish caught will decide.
Please treat all fish with respect whilst unhooking and measuring them. Return them to water as soon as possible
Contact: John Diamond 087 741 3964


Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:34 pm

Congratulatons to the 2023 Henrytackleshop.com Cod Champion Donal Domeney with a codling of 67 cm (6.8 lb)


Screenshot 2023-11-21 18.30.42.png

Match score winner was Stephen O’Donovan with 6 fish for 240 fish Points

Screenshot 2023-11-21 18.35.37.png

Longest Round: 42 cm Bass by Kevin Roche
Longest Ray: 72 cm Ray by Pete Davis
Longest Flat: 31 cm Flounder by Mochara Fraher

Zone A

8 Stephen O’Donovan 6 fish 240 points
2 Chris O’Sullivan 7 fish 218 points
11 Donal Domeney 2 fish 77 points
5 Jimmy Kelly 2 fish 66 points
4 Martin O’Hare 2 fish 59 points
10 Jim O’Brien 1 fish 50 points
1 Kevin Roche 1 fish 46 points
7 Noel Cashman 1 fish 37 points
3 Dennis Duggan - -
9 Jim Bryan - -

Zone B

17 Daithi Doran 3 fish 168 points
15 JP Molloy 4 fish 125 points
13 Colin O’Sullivan 2 fish 60 points
24 Killian Farrelly 1 fish 41 points
14 Kevin McGowan - -
16 Mark O’Sullivan - -
18 Willie Kett - -
19 Marco De Kleer - -
20 Nathan De Kleer (jr) - -
21 Noah Tahran - -
22 Donal O’Neill - -
23 Gabriel Matejko - -

Zone C

34 Pete Davis 2 fish 113 points
29 Liam Fraher 2 fish 67 points
26 Jim Mellis 2 fish 67 points
27 Jimmy Doyle 1 fish 66 points
31 John Diamond 2 fish 63 points
28 Martin McGowan 1 fish 62 points
30 Machara Fraher (jr) 1 fish 36 points
36 Lar Mooney 1 fish 10 points
25 Giedrius Grigonis - -
32 Paul Byrne - -
33 Michael Christian - -
35 Stephen Watkins - -

Thanks again to Henrystackleshop.com for sponsoring the competition and to the Walter Raleigh Hotel for their hospitality
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