SAI SAC Kerry April 2023

Tue Apr 04, 2023 8:14 pm

SAI SAC travelled to Kerry fishing SPA on Saturday 1st and Cashen on Sunday 2nd of April.
Thanks again to Henry’s Tackle Shop for sponsoring our Shore Competitions. Report is by Marco, with photos from club members.

SPA on Saturday was tough going. Tough going would actually be an understatement. About 3 hours into the competition Darren managed to pull out the 1st flounder. I think another hour went by before Nathan caught a Bass after Darren had set the trend fishing 2hk clip-downs at distance. In his second last cast David caught a flounder and immediately he put a new bait out in the same spot. With 25 minutes left on the clock I just put a hail Mary bait out and left it for the remaining 25 minutes, happy enough to leave the beach with a blank. As time was up 3 fish were landed, Kevin and myself got our first fish and David his 2nd one, bringing the total to 6 fish.
Nathan had the biggest round, a bass of 37 cm, Marco had the biggest flat, a flounder of 34 cm

1. David 44 points
2. Nathan 42 points
3. Marco 39 points
4. Kevin 37 points
5. Darren 28 points
6. JD Blanked

In the end it was centimetres that made the difference.

Afterwards some of us went for grub at a local seafood type chipper. OMG I can recommend this place to anyone, really good food and well worth the wait. SPA Sea Foods.

Full of hope and good spirit we headed for Cashen on Sunday. As the tide was still dropping there was a strong pull outwards which brought a lot of debris with it from upstream which made it hard to fish. About two hours in we were all kind of disheartened and thought we were in for another session like the evening before. Half an hour later Nathan got the first fish, a bass, which got everybody's hopes up again. Nothing for another half hour and Nathan caught his 2nd bass. From there on things got a bit better, I saw a little rattle, reeled in and .... a small Sea trout on a crab bait ... crap. Nothing in the next cast but found a spot in the cast after that which started producing 5 fish in the next 5 casts. I think it was not until the last hour and a half that Darren pulled out 2 Bass and Kevin 1 Flounder. Nathan kept battling on and got 1 more bass and a flounder. John, who was on my left on peg 1 was struggling but made a miraculous recovery with 4 fish in his last 3 casts (2 bass and 2 flounder). Kevin had a double shot of bass on one of his last or last cast bringing his total to 3. I managed to get 1 more fish bringing my total to 6. If we would have started an hour later the score would more than likely have been totally different.

1. Marco 6 fish 237 points
2. Nathan 4 fish 161 points
3. John 4 fish 149 points
4. Kevin 3 fish 115 points
5. Darren 2 fish 79 points

Darren got the biggest Bass 41cm, Nathan had the biggest flat, a flounder of 37

Nathan the biggest flat 37cm

It wasn't an easy going weekend but certainly an enjoyable one.
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Re: SAI SAC Kerry April 2023

Sat Apr 08, 2023 1:36 pm

great report - that chipper/restaurant at SPA is absolutely savage - really good seafood