Achill over christmas

Mon Dec 19, 2022 5:05 pm

Hi All,

Anyone got any reccomendations for where/ how to fish Achill over the christmas period? I'll be over for a week or so at the better half's parents in Keel, so want to try and get out if possible. I had some good sport at the rocks at Dooagh, and at bullsmouth over the summer, but haven't done alot of winter fishing in the past. I was thinking a float fished deep over the deepwater around Dooagh, and towards Keem, but any suggestions welcome. But more than likely it'll be blowing a gale, and I'll be infront of the fire in Lourdies for the week!

Re: Achill over christmas

Mon Dec 19, 2022 9:40 pm

The beaches will be throwing up good flats, def fish the western end of keem where its deeper - plenty of species to be had - if blowing hard from the south - dougort to the north in front of mastersons bar will throw up a few flats. Rocks could be dodgy and slippy - the piers might be safer

Re: Achill over christmas

Wed Dec 21, 2022 2:15 pm

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Re: Achill over christmas

Wed Dec 28, 2022 1:07 pm

I'm not able to respond via the PM function - says I don't have permission cause I'm new to the forum. To respond to your message though, there's plenty of sea trout at bullsmouth, but none of any size, probably had 20-30 over the summer, but none more than a lb, and most considerably less.When I spoke to the lady who lives in the house there a few times, she said she has never seen anyone with a fish bigger than a lb or two, so would rather leave them to get big - their big brothers must be somewhere else. I've also been plagued with pollockeen a few times round there as well. I'll hopefully get to explare a bit more round that inlet, and see if I can find the bigger sea trout. I'm supposed to be working from home at the minute, but might get out for an hour on Keel beach at some point, and will follow your advice ;)