First Bass in a few years!

Wed Aug 31, 2022 2:16 pm

Dusted off the auld waders and rod the last day after cleaning up the shed, decided I was going to go chase a bass for the first time in about six years.
Hopped onto Google earth and looked for a nearby mark I’d never tried before. Only twenty minutes from the driveway and scoped it out low tide. Packed up this morning to go for the first hour of the tip before dropping herself to work.
Started on the beach with a top water and worked my way over towards the mouth of a small river.
Didn’t have a touch on the panic prey and the tide really started pulling out so I changed to an Ayu Feed shallow for a few casts before it got too low and the rocks and weed came into play.
Worked my past the river and along the rocks casting back into the mouth of the river. Wasn’t having any luck there so I started fanning my casts out into the deeper water straight ahead of me and BANG! I’d forgotten how much fun bass were to fight. The past few years it’s been spinning for trout on ultra light gear and the bass just smacked it was wonderful!
Had a second schoolie about three casts after I released the first fella and dried up after that.
Back out in the morning to get the last hour of the flood and first of the ebb.

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