I'm new in boat fishing (Cork) & I need advice. Please help!

Tue Jul 26, 2022 5:56 pm

Hello everyone and thanks a lot for accepting me in this community :D

I have recently purchased a 12ft inflatable dinghy with an 86lbs trolling motor and I have been after cod for a little while but I just don't seem able to transition succesfully from shore fishing into boat fishing, so I have a couple of questions if anybody can help me out:

1. I usually fish anchoring the boat at the end of the Passage West canal between the Monkstown marina and the dockyard/shipwright to the East (51.84767106129069, -8.330061697200465). Is that a good place for fishing or it's just me that I'm very bad at fishing :lol: ?

2. I am very lost with lures and lines. I'm currently fishing with german spratt, metal jigs and spinners but I also tried float fishing with earthworm (I still need to try the pulley and paternoster rigs). Nothing seems to work. Any recommendation? :?:

3. For the local boaters. My trolling motor is not very powerful, it can reach a maximum of 6kph (but with the batteries on it could go on for like 4 hours) and I get really scared to go further down, around buoy number 17. Do you think I'm being too cautious? Apparently it's a good fishing spot for bass.

Thanks a million and good luck to everyone in their fishing trips!

Re: I'm new in boat fishing (Cork) & I need advice. Please h

Mon Aug 01, 2022 4:24 pm

Welcome to the forum.
You will be hard pressed to get a cod in the harbour at this time of year. If there is any cod run it will be later in the autumn.

1: It wouldn't be my first choice for fishing, of course this depends on your target.

2: Where have you tried with lures?

3: The best thing is to experiment. Stay out of the middle of the channels where the tide is strongest.

Have a read off this too: http://www.topfisher.eu/angling-cork-ha ... sta-style/

Re: I'm new in boat fishing (Cork) & I need advice. Please h

Wed Aug 03, 2022 5:36 pm

Thanks a lot for the reply!

I went down there because it's very accessible with boat ramps and so. I don't know any other place around with a similar setting. When it comes to lures, I've tried pretty much everything from spinners, sandeel, soft plastics, feathers etc...