No Seatrout tags Dublin District

Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:46 pm

Does anyone know it IFI are giving out tags for Seatrout/Salmon licenses for the Dublin District? I renewed my license before Christmas and did not receive any tags. When I queried it, I got the following reply

Hi Rory,

Just to confirm that in the Dublin District all sea trout fishing whether in the sea or in a river is covered by the regulations.
As there are no rivers open in the District, there can be no killing of any sea trout over 40cm. You may, however, keep up to 3 sea trout a day under 40cm (these do not kneed to be tagged, but should be recorded on the catch log.
Please note that a separate bye law protects the sea trout in the Avoca River. No sea trout may be killed in this river and you may only target sea trout under 40cm using catch and release methods; no worms and single barbless hooks.
All released sea trout should also be noted in the catch log.

Please note that Inland Fisheries Ireland recommends all anglers to practise catch and release as much as possible.

I haven't renewed my Salmon license over the last couple of years, but previously did receive them

Anyone in a similar situation?