Late Season Tope with Wicklow Boat Charters

Mon Nov 01, 2021 10:54 am

With Kit Dunne out of Wicklow on Saturday 30th of October.
We were hoping to get out on a wreck but it was a bit lumpy and we decided on Spurdog instead.
A few drifts close in to the head gave us enough fresh joeys to top up our squid and frozen Mack baits.
A quick steam out to a 40m deep mark and we had 3 nice Bull Huss and plenty of Spurdog, with the usual sprinkling of Dogfish. The wind picked up and it was getting a bit uncomfortable, one of the lads was not faring well, so we decided to head into the shelter of the bay and try for a late season Tope.
Fresh baits were in the water as soon as we anchored up.
We didn’t have to wait long before my Son got his first Tope.
The fish took a fresh joey bait and made a first run of 100m, followed by a second run of 50m before the hook was set. A 10 minute fight and aching arms brought a specimen to the boat. 170cm, 76cm girth, 46lbs.
He was so tired that I had to help him hold the fish up for the photo, but as soon as the fish was released, he was into the bait bucket for a fresh Mack. He’s hooked on fishing now :)
The next run came on my rod, 250m of line screamed off the reel, a 10 second wait to make sure he had fully taken the joey, no hurry as all traces were barbless circle hooks. I lifted into the fish and he took another short run. Then the reel stopped giving line, a loop had bedded down into the spool, and I just couldn’t free it, so it was a rush to get a few turns back into the reel before it broke off. Disaster was avoided and I started the long haul back to the boat, the fish had taken some run. A 153cm Tope was landed, measured and released, the last fish of the day. All 4 anglers had great sport and it couldn’t have been a better day.
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Re: Late Season Tope with Wicklow Boat Charters

Mon Nov 01, 2021 12:13 pm

Great report and a great days fishing by the sounds of it
Super tope(s), well done that man!