First time using braid and backing up new reel

Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:10 pm

Im after getting my hands on a Penn Spinfisher V 7500.

It comes with two reels. One reel says braid and on it is listed the various diameters/lengths to put on it and the other has info listed for both braid and for mono. They both seem to have a rubber band around the core which I assume is for grip (and that maybe you could put braid straight on the reel if I wanted?). See pic for more info.

I've bought 150 yards of 30lb braid and I have a rake of 15 and 30lb mono and I plan on using the braid.

I think I need to back up whichever reel I decide to use with mono first and then spool on the braid.

My question is, which reel should I use?

Should I use braid only with the one that only has information listed for braid? Or can I still back this reel up with mono and then spool on braid? If yes to that, should I use the 30lb mono or the 15lb mono and how much roughly of each should I put on there?

Appreciate the replies in advance!
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Re: First time using braid and backing up new reel

Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:51 am

The shallower spool is meant for braid and the deep one for mono. There is no reason you can't use both for braid. I use thin diameter mono for backing up braid as it will pack together tighter so the braid won't dig into it as much but that's just my preference.

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