Century Fireblade

Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:11 pm

Finally got my hands on one! Everywhere seems to list them as stock then refunds you when you buy. I've got other century rods, so was intrigued as to whether a mid-price rod from them would be any good. Ok there's no flash finish to the blank, just ground carbon (which looks great) and no under whippings, so what? I have three crumpled vertebrae, so pendulum casting is out. For me this rod loads easily, and launches a lead and bait, just as well as my old tip tornadoes. Haven't had enough time to report on bite sensitivity etc, as it's only caught a small flounder thus far. These impressions are from use with a 525mag and 5oz lead + bait, but I've cast it (no fishing) with a fixed spool and the lead (6oz) went further than I need to fish. Favourite century rod? For me it's the pair of AK47 carp rods I've re-rung for multipliers (my go to bass rods) but someone has made me a stupid offer for them, which will see a couple of new rods, built by myself, and a handy cash profit. Most of the time, on the beach we don't need 6oz+ of lead. As carp rods have become more powerful (to haul in ever heavier pet fish), they have also evolved to cast well. If I was restricted to a fixed spool rod for clean ground fishing I would throughly recommend a Daiwa Black Widow (12ft, 3lb test) and less than £50. Will cast 4oz miles, good bite detection and has a lovely through action if you hook anything big. Of course it will need a rinse after every session (so will the fireblade), as will the budget reel you use with it.