SW Connemara Bay

Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:55 pm

2 of us did a bit of Inshore dingy fishing on a Bay in Connemara yesterday afternoon. Fished from 1500 - 1830. Low water was at 1600. Depth was 14m over a muddy bottom. Wind was North west. Bait was Mackerel and feathers. Target was Huss.
Result was 12 Mackerel, 3 small Scad, 3 very small whiting, 12 dogfish and 2 Huss. The Huss were 11lb and 12.5 lb. The bait that got the Huss were specifically Mackerel heads. We have found that this somewhat keeps the doggies at bay.


Re: SW Connemara Bay

Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:09 pm

savage huss - cant find them this year at all