Cobh fishing.

Tue Sep 08, 2020 1:19 pm

Just after getting back from a couple of days in Cobh. Firstly a big thanks to Jim C for his tips and contacts in the area. On arrival with boat in tow we met George at the slip and a lovely "character" and as helpful as he could be, even to ring someone for the exact location of the mackerel in the bay at that time and he wasn't wrong. We headed a few miles to Ling rocks and quickly got into some decent Ling, Pollock, Cod and Pouting. Unfortunately we had a problem as it was the first day and if we threw back any fish that didn't get down straight away a large seal had them for lunch or as we know Ling don't go back very well, so rather than feed a seal all day we decided to cut it short and go out again the following day but as usual the winds came in a bit earlier than expected and we didn't make it back out on the second day. We spoke to Kevin in the Bella Vista Hotel and what a nice person. On the way home we thought about going again and we could ask the hotel if they would freeze the fish for us and I'm sure there would be no problem as the staff and owner were lovely people. We fished the bay the second day with an abundance of whiting, mackerel, scad, pollock and then we fished some slacker bays and picked up bull huss. We were pointed to a few holes for Conger and bays for Bass but never found them but as I say thats why we love the sport. Once again thanks to Jim, Bella Vista Hotel and owner Kevin, Deccie and George for all their help.

Re: Cobh fishing.

Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:30 pm

It was a strange weekend weatherwise. The W/NW winds were quite brisk at times. Great to see that you got on well in any case. Cork Harbour takes a while to get the hang of.