Moonlight affecting results of fishing by night?

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Moonlight affecting results of fishing by night?

Postby Teegerstk » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:41 pm

Hi all,
Couldn't sleep last night so I decided to walk down to the local pier with some basic gear for a few hours of the flood. The moon was a waxing gibbous and was very bright, I cast a shadow as I was walking down. There was absolutely no wind whatsoever and it was completely silent when I started fishing, aside from the various night creatures mucking about in the woods by the pier, quite relaxing yet I was on edge :lol: . For the first 2 hours there wasn't a tap, apart from crabs stripping my baits. As dawn started to creep in eventually a few taps on both rods produced a dogfish and a decent flounder in quick succession, just after moonset I noticed, which made me think. Does anyone find that moonlight can affect night fishing? Or is it a well known fact and I'm just dumb? :lol:
Thanks in advance
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Re: Moonlight affecting results of fishing by night?

Postby kieran » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:46 pm

You're spot on - the ideal time to fish is after sunset and before moonrise or the opposite... find that especially true on evening flooding tides.

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Teegerstk (Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:17 pm)
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Re: Moonlight affecting results of fishing by night?

Postby johnwest » Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:39 pm

Have a look at this,
There was a lengthy thread on here a few years ago, possibly before you joined, about particularly bass fishing related to lunar cycles.
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Teegerstk (Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:27 pm)
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