Hardy Fisher 24 versus Orkney 24 or other suggestions

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Hardy Fisher 24 versus Orkney 24 or other suggestions

Postby westerlystorm » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:07 pm

Hi all,
looking some views from experienced owners and reviewers on what my next boat should be.

I am based on the North West of Donegal and formerly on the North Antrim coast, I came over to the "dark side" ( my former sailing friends view !!) from sailing a few years ago and currently own a Redbay 6.5m "Wraparound Cabin" Rib with a 225hp outboard capable of 40 Knots on a flat calm sea.

This has proven to be able and sea friendly companion for the last 7 years which has kept us safe on our numerous crossings of the North Channel to Scotland and mainly used for island hopping and staying in B&B's when required.

Now that we have moved the boat to be near our holiday home in Donegal the focus has shifted slightly towards sea angling but still with some cruising and exploring in mind but with some added home comforts that are not available in the rib. These are sea toilet, double berth, fridge, cooker ( not just a two ring stove).

I know what I would like and more importantly what I don't like but I am sure there are boats out there that I have not considered.

Here are my wants and "no wants".

First the "no wants"

1. A floating conservatory i.e. a boat with a sliding patio door.
2. I would like to hear comments of outdrive vs direct gearbox as this appears to almost a religious discussion.

The Wants.

1. Excellent seakeeping to match a rib and a cruising speed of 20 knots minimum in calm to moderate conditions.
2. Double comfortable 2 berth cabin.
3. Sea toilet.
4. 2 ring stove with either an integrated or seperate oven.
5. 24 feet LOA minimum
6. Good range capable of reaching Scotland from North West Donegal
7. Minimum weight of 2 tonnes. This requirement comes from my sailing days where French tubberware yachts just didn't perform well in North Channel in marginal bad weather.

I have looked at various reviews and the boats that are still on my list are Targa Botnia ( which are great but expensive), the Hardy Fisher extended wheelhouse and the Orkney 24 pilothouse and the Rodman range.

I realise that at this length of a boat I will have to compromise on these requirements.

I look forwards to your replies

Many thanks

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Re: Hardy Fisher 24 versus Orkney 24 or other suggestions

Postby JimC » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:25 pm

Would an Osprey suit the bill? They have a fine reputation.
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