Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

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Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

Postby paddyc » Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:43 am

A weird day on the hill yesterday with not only cyclonic N/NE/SW winds of 5-10k that at times turned 180 by late afternoon, with the wind the way it was we were casting slightly uphill. A mild start with clear skies turning cold with a spit of rain later on. None the less a great days crack all round, with special guest Danny Stark (AKA Iron Man),,, see pic's that will follow shortly for this one.. :lol: :lol: Top spot went to Andrew Gormley and considering the tough conditions he still nailed a few big ones.. Also great to have Martin from the UCC down again..

Distances in Meters:

C.Grace- DNR

Day Caster's

Big thank you to Ian Daly for coming up before a fishing comp to help set, and to everyone else who helped set up and pack down the court, much appriciated.
Cast-Monkey :-)

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Re: Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

Postby lugworm » Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:52 am

Tough day casting out of a hole and as u said cyclonic winds.... Never the less that didn't stop the craic and distances achieved... Looking forward to next month already.... Great day lads.... Danny Stark lol....

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Re: Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

Postby scannerman » Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:03 pm

A tough but great day on the hill.

Fantastic to see all the lads and some fine casting in hard conditions.

Some vid to follow soon..
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Re: Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

Postby tripodterror » Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:05 pm

Tough going up on the hill with that wind having bipolar disorder! It didnt dampen the spirits though and the craic was 90 again

Well done to Andrew on the win and to Paddy for another tight battle. Great to meet Martin from from UCC!
Lookinh forward to the next day already and hopefully pulling an all nighter up the hill!
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Re: Results 26/4/15 - 150g Day

Postby MC » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:47 pm

was great to meet and chat with the new faces and see some of the old faces too :roll: , look forward to the video and the photos young Rob took, think you may be out of a job Paddy :lol:

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lugworm (Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:13 pm)
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