winter wrecking from tramore

Sun Dec 18, 2005 11:48 am

People:1 myself

Duration:6 hours

Tide:3 hours to low 2 hours flood falling spring

Weather:overcast, but fair, wind F 1-2 northerly, sea calm

Bait:mackeral ( frozen)

Rigs:pirks, and short ( 1 foot) pennel on flowing trace with twin 10/0s

Results: 2 conger 36lbs, and 24lbs
30 plus ling between 5lbs and 12lbs all returned succesfully
Two large pouting, and a good selecting of whiting on the trip back!

Report:launched at tramore harbour, fantastic weather, meaning a rapid trip out to the wrecks south of tramore.tried drifting with shads and feathers and pirks etc, but only picked up a couple of small ling.
decided to anchor , with the results above.
All in all a good trip, proving the fishing season dos'nt end at winter time!
If anyone is interested in coming out on trips please pm me with contact number etc, i can usually give a good few days notice of an impending trip, work and weather permitting