Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:18 pm

People:2 john hughes and son darragh

Duration:11am / 4.30pm saturday 16/7/05

Tide:low tide 1.13pm

Weather:mixed cloud and sunny spells winds light variable

Bait: rag and mackeral

Rigs: flowing traces and feathers

Results:7 species, tope 36lb, bullhuss 13lb, blonde ray 11lb, whiting red gurnard mackeral l.s.d;s .

Report: fished dublin bay close to burford bank and it turned up the goods three double figure fish in an afternoon all caught on my new tuff stick but not all by me. i passed the rod over to my 12 year old son darragh to see could he handle the rod at 7ft 8in it is a big rod for some one that is used to 5.5 ft . but he did it again he beat my personal best huss he landed a fine fish of just over 13 lb. A great experiance for the two of us . we will be back for more. :lol: have plenty of pictures but dont know how to post if somebody could let me know. do i just email to kieran and he puts them with report.

Strange goings on...

Fri Jul 22, 2005 2:03 am

Thats some report. It seems the bay and close surrounding area is getting better between last year and this. Are you sure it was a blonde ray? Were you on the bank itself or North or South of it?


Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:19 am

hi luke we have met before talked to you last year when you caught a set of feathers and a german sprat from a passing yacht. am i sure it was a blonde ray ? ive been around a long time and and i surly know my sea species look at galliries on this sith and you will see my son darragh with a blonde ray of 15.25lb caught aug last year you could also see him in todays star news paper with his 13lb bullhuss.all i will say is i was on the bay side of it west if i am right im sure i am then again i might of been east now im not sure.it is not only this year ive been having great fishing in the bay for a number of years with ray huss and tope plus your pollack and the rest. nearly get ray on every outing. it is only with the likes of this site and internet in last couple of years i can post reports. its getting late have to go fishing either cahore or kilmore in the morning might have early start weather permitting .ill see you on the wa.ter