Fly fishing for mullet, upper tidal Cork harbour

Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:57 pm

I live near a part of Cork harbour that has a tidal inlet. It only has water about 90 minutes either side of high tide. When out for a walk I often see mullet cruising but now I want to try casting a fly for them (as if life wasn't hard enough).

Is the bread fly the only show in town?
Do I need to groundbait them on bread before putting the fly in amongst them?
I have a 9' 5# and a 9'6 7#. Which is the best suited?

Any other suggestions gratefully recieved (leader lengths/ strengths etc)

EDIT I realise this is not going to apply right now, the mullet will be heading out of the harbour soon to spawn, if they have not gone already. I'm gathering knowledge in anticipation of next year . . .

Re: Fly fishing for mullet, upper tidal Cork harbour

Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:02 pm

You'll have to get them feeding on something or find out what they are eating... Probably handiest thing is to get them feeding on bread and then the bread fly will be the daddy. Guys use all sorts of nymph and suchlike as well to minic grubs and worms. If you haven't fished mullet before be prepared for the greatest rollercoaster ride of your angling life :) They'll drive you scatty one day and you think you're a guru the next only to be landed flat on the next day... Savage craic!
You could contact "salar" on here. He has a wealth of experience on mullet on the fly. There are a few others that regular fly fish Cork harbour and west Cork but they are more facebook based.