8 or 9wt?

Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:25 pm

Hi lads.
Putting a shopping list together with a view to starting SWFF in future. Rod will likely be an Airflo Bluetooth Nano 8/9 and I'm looking at the Rio Coastal Quickshooter XP but which weight would you recommend, 8 or 9?
I intend to tie flies of up to 110mm and will mainly be fishing in Estuaries.

Re: 8 or 9wt?

Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:53 pm


I would be inclined to choose the #8 - weighing in on the XP at close to 330gr - AFTMA for 30'-0" is approx 210gr - so its already 'overlined' the head is 32'-0"
Pushing the XP to a #9 puts it up to 375gr which is a real big fly carrier - I have no doubts about the lines capabilities, I use it a LOT on both DH's and SH's - Im not familiar enough with the Airflo and its ability to carry / cast a 375gr head (its a lot)

If you are not spending too much time on the open coast maybe the quickshooter without the 'XP' might be at better fit at #8 for 250gr still over lined slightly...but maybe a little more subtle for estuary fishing - will turnover 110mm no problems

What we need is a testing ground.....if you're ever in Wexford drop me a line and I can show you lots of options before you purchase

Re: 8 or 9wt?

Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:38 am

Hi Jim, thanks for your reply, I've been following your Instagram with great interest and that's where I spotted the Rio Line hahaha.
I'm actually looking at the Scierra Salis series of rods now as I know they're a better manufacturer, I'm on a tight budget so I won't be going too mad just yet.
I'll be sure to get in touch in future though as I'd be interested in booking you as a guide next year (whenever I actually get a car).