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Wed May 23, 2012 5:26 pm

As the previous topic are closed now, I allowed myself to start new one, i'll try to send some updates as time allows.
Here is my shrimp pattern, bit more complicated than the previous one: ... 8/Krewetka . This one requires a bit more materials and skill, but it is simple enough to be tied even by the begginers.
Here is the link for the photos: ... StepShrimp
I'm not sure if it was tied before, plenty of similar patterns are tied for scandinavian sea trout shore fishing, but here I use some new materials, that I haven't seen before on salt water patterns.

Materials I use:
Thread: Uni 8/0, dark Olive, but any dark green one will be ok
Hook: I used salmon low water #6, but any hook between #4 and 8 will be ok, especially Partridge CS54 Sea Shrimp.
Eyes: Burned mono line, around 0,30mm
Antennas: Natural bucktail, only few hairs, keep it sparse, plus few strands of Krystal Flash, I also add some sillicone legs
Body: SLF-Hare dubbing, but any greenish one should be ok, I try to keep it rather darkish
Hackle: I use Coq de Leone, but any badger or grizzly would do
Back: It is a tricky one. You may use any kind of brown body stretch, I use dried smoked mackerel skin. As weird as it sounds, it is a wonderful material and reparation is very easy - just remove the skin from smoked mackerel, than scrapp the fat layer from the inner side of the skin with kitchen sponge, degrease it with any fairy-cleaning stuff that you may use for dishes, than just dry it, with some weight over it to get it flat, papper-like. Than it is easy tu cut small stripes from it, use some warm water to soft it and use as a back on your fly - any nymph patern, or shrimp as here.
I also use some fine silver wire just to rib the body of my shrimp.
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Re: step by step fly

Wed May 23, 2012 11:15 pm

standerus wrote:Hi
As the previous topic are closed now, I allowed myself to start new one, i'll try to send some updates as time allows.

Excellent looking fly, standerus.

As for locked topics, that happens automatically 3 months after the last post on any tpic. It's to keep out unwanted spammers and the like. If you want to add anything to a locked topic, just hit the "report" icon (the red "!") on any post in the topic and leave a not asking for it to be unlocked. The first mod that wanders by will be happy to unlock it for new material, especially if it's as good as you other posts so far.

Top tip on the mackeral skin, I never knew that.

Re: step by step fly

Mon May 28, 2012 6:07 pm

Nice shrimp pattern,thanks Standerus, I've yet to tie a fly but this is really encouraging!