Fly tying materials

Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:20 pm

Thought of trying to tie some flies - initially mackeral flies. The bought ones I use have silver plastic foil, flashy tinsel and glow grub eyes, etc - you know the stuff. I managed the knot to tie onto a spade-end hook and even managed to include a hen feather. When I went onto wishing web sites to get materials, I saw lots of bobbins of thread and fluffy stuff but did not have a clue what to buy.
Is there anything to guide me (a beginner) on what basic materials to get?

Re: Fly tying materials

Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:12 pm

Hi Alan,

Do you mean traces of mackerel feathers for use on a spinning rod or boat rod? You dont have to tie up traces as shop bought ones come- lure constructed and held together by the knot holding the spade end hook.

If you have a fly tying vice you can tie any sort of fly/lure on an eyed hook for use on any type of tackle, its probably easier to tie flies in this way with a vice holding the hook, both hands are free to work with.

For mackerel feathers for boat fishing nothing too technical would be necessary, a variety of coloured cock hackle feathers and maybe a bit of synthetic crystal hair (veniards- the twinkly twisted tinsel hair) and youd be sorted, the only other thing youd really need would be a spool of thread and a bobbin holder to hold it while you tied. And a pair of scissors.