Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:45 pm

Hi all i am looking at buying a new swff outfit. I am not in a position to go high end but beginning to look around now and trawl the net for tips and bargains. I think with my budget and where i will fish mostly Kerry ballinskelligs bay shallow water for the bay really. I think I will go for an Okuma airframe reel with spare spool a floating line and a floating sink/intermediate tip clear. Im looking at rods and see the vision gt4 as a possibility but came across this redington rod in the states which works out at less than 200 euro had never heard of it but wonder has any one here? also what lines would people recommend i see rio keep popping up are they the one also heard cortland 444xl is a good line but seems only o go up to 8wt any advise much appreciated

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:37 pm

the SS is highly recommended, however it is pretty fast and can at times be a little tough if you are a beginner. The cortland line is also one of the best and offers you superb presentation control with the combination head you can alter speed/drift/depth of your fly with some practice - you could consider making your own combination head using a #9 floater cut back in the head and then attached to various lengths of Rio T-14.

the hinge effect needs to be elimanted by calculating where to make your loop to loop connection for your various heads.

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:01 pm

Hi jim thanks for reply. I decided against the Redington with postage and the possibility of a 40 euro bill when delivered put it beyond my budget. I have fly fished for trout since 10 years of age but still not the best of casters, but would have no experience of lines other than wf all in one lines so would stick with them. I bought the gt4 and some Jim Teeny lines a dave whitlock floating and mini tip which is intermediate. I almost bought a scierra bluewater 2 which are on offer but felt the gt4 has a good long rep so now will begin to tye some flies i think for the warmer weather.

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:39 am

pay particular attention to the blue tiox rings on the GT4 - prone to a lot of quick corrosion if left un-attended.

best of luck with the venture

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:22 pm

Well after buying stuff from a number of different places I have everything apart from the rod. Despite the fact they charged my credit card heard nothing and and only after ringing did they say they didnt have it and didntetc anyway, Ithink im reconsidering my rod choice as as wellas jim heard corrosion can be a prob with Vision. Now after further research im looking at 2 rods the redington mentioned above and a TFO lefty kreh TICR x 9wt which was reccomended by a friend in the US he was raving about it any opinions etc much appreciated

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:27 pm


The blue tiox rings in the vision rod are like most things subject to deterioration in saltwater - but only if you neglect them. Higher priced rods have 'better' qulity rings which dont need attention - a light rub with WD40 on a soft cloth onthe GT4 should be fine. Other wise the vision is a great rod to start with - super for winter piking too!

Both the supersport and the Tixcr are very fast and will need you to have good timing/casting ability - The Kreh rod is highly recommended for the price/performance.

Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:47 pm

Jim thanks for reply again. Now i suppose i am a handy enough caster and have consistently used 7wt set ups for trout lake fishing and river particularly sea trout night time fishing for 30 years so would be confident enough in abilities. I suppose as i will be spending every summer on the kerry coast id like to buy a rod that will do me long term rather than begin with. Now the red super sport though good value doesnt come with the life time other rods do so have now been advised on the cpx which does. I see you know this rod is it as fast as other two because think ive finally have settled on this as long term prospect hope you have time to reply pat

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:32 pm


The redington is one that I favour and whilst I try to remain unbiased - I use this rod 90% of the time - I own a #7 cps and two #9's cpx's

I have put hundreds of personal hard fishing hours on both rod types - here in Ireland, Florida and just recently in the bahamas - I overlined the seven by one on a Bruce Chard bonefish line in the bahamas and caught and landed bones to 8 pounds, jacks, barracudas, etc - I fished hard for eight days with both rods and a #10 and was never let down -

From a casting point of view the CPX is not as fast as the SS it is a more subtle rod than the Ticrx - it does throw tight loops on demand with great line speed but i have used it for throwing wet orange towels at Pike in Monaghan with a wider loop too

If you can get a cast of one before you try - are you in Cork?

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:52 pm

Hi Jim,

I think I will go for this one alright. Having been recommended to me searching the reviews and word on it seem like its a really top end rod at a cheaper price and anglers compare it to rods twice the price. Its great they give a lifetime warranty too! Most of what I read about them and where Ive seen the rods are in the US. Im really glad to see you use one here in Ireland as the one question I had was redington say in description of the rod that its for big water and big fish and i wondered was it a little heavy for bass fishing here? However my feeling is I want a 9wt as i always used slightly heavier in my trout fishing nearly always using 7wt even on small rivers when it was the only rod I had! So when using an 8wt on the sea I felt I wanted a bit more muscle particularly when fishing windy conditions. Im in Cork the real capital happy enough not to cast before purchase because anytime I get a new rod it takes a few sessions for us to get used to one and other! pat

Re: Redington Super Sport 9ft 9wt

Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:06 pm

Remember redington are owned by Sage!
enjoy it Pat - if your looking for any special flies lines etc check in here