Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:00 pm

Ok lads, I want to go out and buy myself a shooting-head set up for my new reel.
I dont know much about this set-up - do I use an all-in-one line or running line
and seperate flyline.

I hope to get out soon to have a go at some pollock.


Re: Shooting-head

Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:58 pm

There is no doubt that casting these heads can be a tricky job. They move differently and feel considerably stranger than 'normal' fly lines. It is advisable to be careful when fishing and casting for the first time. Wear your glasses at all times and especially when using these heads for the first few occasions with flies. Remember that 30 feet of 380 grains is equivalent to a normal or AFTMA #12 but it will move very differently.

Using Rios T-17 and sometimes even T-14 may not be terribly necessary. Only in the most extreme of circumstances where you need to get a big fly down fast into a strong current 'window' should you consider the heavier weights and lengths.

You can catch pollack on a floater with sink tips and heavy flies......!

Sink rate is a factor of density (grains) and diameter. These Rio T-14's are about as heavy and skinny as it gets. When you put your loops on both end for easy rigging of leader and shooting line bear in mind that

20-25 feet is about right to load an 8wt,
25-30 feet is about right for 9 and 10wts,

and if you can keep the line in the air - 30 - 35 ft will do for anything else. Don't hesitate to cut it up into smaller lengths for whatever combination you need.

Regarding your running line - I tend not to consider using shooting heads to achieve distance so I nearly always use a 'heavier' running line - .035". This means I have a greater degree of tangle free casts and the running line generates a degree of 'grip' to 'stabilise' the head a little. Im not sure if these are the right terms but I feel that having a lighter running line generates lots of unwanted problems.

What are Rios - T-8, T-11, T-14 and T-17® Shooting Heads -

RIO developed these heads as a tungsten alternative to lead core. They are supple, do not kink and sink like a stone. The T-8 ( sinks at 7 inches per second) and T-11 (8 inches per second) are designed for lighter weight rods and weigh 8 grains and 11 grains per foot respectively. T-14, weighing 14 grains per foot and sinks at 9 inches per second, is best for single-hand rods from 8 through 12 weight, and tips for double-hand rods. T-14 works especially well with Skagit lines. The NEW T-17 is the heaviest and fastest sinking material of them all and makes light work of getting depth and casting big flies. Cut these heads to the desired length and weight to meet existing fishing conditions.

T-8: 35 ft = 280 gns, 34 ft = 272 gns, 33 ft = 264 gns, 32 ft = 256 gns31 ft = 248 gns, 30 ft= 240 gns, 29 ft = 232 gns, 28 ft = 224 gns27 ft = 216 gns, 26 ft = 208 gns, 25 ft = 200 gns, 24 ft = 192 gns

T-11: 35 ft = 385 gns, 34 ft = 374 gns, 33 ft = 363 gns, 32 ft = 352 gns31 ft = 341 gns, 30 ft= 330 gns, 29 ft = 319 gns, 28 ft = 308 gns27 ft = 297 gns, 26 ft = 286 gns, 25 ft = 275 gns, 24 ft = 264 gns

T-14: 35 ft = 490 gns, 34 ft = 476 gns, 33 ft = 462 gns, 32 ft = 448 gns31 ft = 434 gns, 30 ft= 420 gns, 29 ft = 406 gns, 28 ft = 392 gns27 ft = 378 gns, 26 ft = 364 gns, 25 ft = 350 gns, 24 ft = 336 gns

T-17:35 ft = 595 gns, 34 ft = 578 gns, 33 ft = 561gns, 32 ft = 544 gns31 ft = 527 gns, 30 ft = 510 gns, 29 ft = 493 gns, 28 ft = 476 gns27 ft = 459 gns, 26 ft = 442 gns, 25 ft = 425 gns, 24 ft = 408 gns

Shooting Lines to add to y our shooting head

The Power flex Core shooting lines have a strong monofilament core that results in thin diameters, great strength and durability and a very slick XS Technology coating (new for 2009) for ultimate distance. These shooting lines are available with either a supple coldwater coating for tangle free performance or with a hard tropical coating that will not wilt in the heat. Each lines feature a large welded loop at the front end to speedily attach the RIOMax II shooting heads or T14 - T11's etc.

Two densities available: Floating and Intermediate. Each size is colour coded for easy recognition.

Coldwater: 0.024" (20 lb) Orange, 0.030" (25 lb) Green and 0.035" (35 lb) Blue
Tropical Sizes: 0.035" (30lb) Tan
Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)

Re: Shooting-head

Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:56 pm

Thank's Jim, you have just given me all the info that I require.


Re: Shooting-head

Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:40 am

super info there jim! thanks for the post Joe C.
gotta pass it on to my mate gar who lives to fly-fish but the fly on the sea
is his latest challenge. he has ten freshwater species under his belt and is determined
to get a result on his swff rods!!!
thanks for the info, he will be pleased.
me? i'm a novice fly-angler enjoying the rivers :) :)
when my mate gets to grips, i will follow as i love the flyrod.