Shallow water less than a meter

Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:59 pm

Hi lads I have been fishing a few beaches in Kerry over the last month
I have had some success one fish about ten pounds and two about five pounds .
The ten ponder was caught on a rising tide casting in towards the beach in about a foot of water
One on a popper home made and one on a white large fly that had turned about ten feet from me threw the fly had no line out and drew the fly across and he took great sport.
Since I have only been fly fishing foe bass about a month I seem to meet and see most of the bass in very shallow water on a rising tide .
Any advise on the type of fly that I should use I have tied quite a few and I am thinking I have been fishing to big ,
Can anyone advise me on how fast a retrieve would be the norm

Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:14 pm

for shallow water like that try quite a light airy fly like a popovic's hollow fleye. these are a good fly in skinny water due to there sparseness causes them to sink slowly. fly size is dependent on target bait fish. at this time of the year most bass ive had have been on a 4inch white bait immitation although i will start fishing joey patterns in the coming weeks..retrieve is a matter of trial an error although i find that a strip, strip stop retrieve the most consistant