swff greystones

Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:15 pm

well i got up this morning and headed to greystones went to the back of the latouche for a go at pollock gave up after 30 minutes as i could see birds diving over at the mens swimming spot so moved very quickly :shock: got down set up and the birds were gone :oops: after 3 casts i put one close to the outcrop of rock and slowly stripped it back letting the fly rise and sink (it looked great :D )the water was crystal clear next cast i fluffed up a bit and got the line on the back of the reel under my hand if you get my drift went to strip the line back in and felt a little jiggle 30 seconds of wrigglin later i landed my fist swff fish all 4 inches of pollack :lol: quicker than they had dissapeared the birds were back 130 yards out,feathers and tele rod got me 6 mac and 2 launce in an hour bait for next weeks comp (beats buying it!)oh yea hooked my tackle bag once and smashed one epoxy headed fly to smitherines on the rocks :lol: its a learning curve :wink:

Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:20 am

Nice one.

Can be an expensive business when you first start. I don't know how many flies I destroyed, now It would be very rare if I even lost a fly.

Wait til you get your first 5lb'er, then you will be hooked.