Bullock harbour Dublin

Sun May 11, 2008 3:07 am

Took a boat out of Bulloch harbour. Was a bit of hassle as between the 3 of us we didn't have photographic id.
But the second guy we asked let us take a boat out on my mates credit card.

I was fishing the fly, with a deep sea fly line. On snaggy ground like that I wasn't going to let the line
go into the backing, but the guys that were with me(non-fishers) just wanted to go further and further out.
I tried to tell them that I couldn't reach the bottom, but hey:) Good craic anyway.

I ended up with two pollock to 1lb. When we got back into shore, I said I would stay on and fish the pier
for a little while. A few seals in the harbour, but I had luck there before.

My first cast, I felt a pulling. I new it was a pollock of less than a pound. But then I looked down and
seen what was at the end of my line. It was 4ft long and 1ft across. Took me a second or two to see that
it was a seal that just ate the fish I hooked. They have such a knack of taking fish without getting hooked.

The fish were quite small in the harbour, so I changed down to a size 14 shrimp fly. Before, the tide
dropped I was pulling in very small pollock on every cast. Even though i was practicing catch and
release, i'm afraid the fish perished before they got their bearings (Seal). So I gave up.

Result: 15 pollock to 1lb 3 poor cod.

Nothing exciting really.

Mon May 12, 2008 12:08 pm

Was out again on Sunday. Caught one pollock for 3 hours fishing.

Was there for an hour of the pushing and full tide. The seals weren't even there. Strange.

Mon May 12, 2008 9:58 pm

Was outta the harbour myself lunchtime till tea-time, didnt see any seals in the harbour or even out around dalkey island.

I thought we would have seen loads :?