A good place to start slatwater flyfishing.

Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:44 pm

I'd like to offer a few pointers on starting saltwater flyfishing.
I believe that you do not need a saltwater kit. It does help but not essential. I bought an airflo T6 and its knackered after 2 months use.
I use a hardys marquis and rinse it....its fine. Same goes for the rod.
Rogans gadget or a parsons Tom i think are the only fliesl you would ever need if subsurface flyfishing. The gadget was invented in ballyshannon specifically for the erne estuary which is probably one of the worlds mecca's of saltwater trout flyfishing.
I use a #7 10ft rod but generally leave a bit of scope as to location because you want to be fishing with the wind blowing behind you prefarably left to right. If your left handed. casting into a hurricane with an s-hook doesent do it for me.
The rocks at greystones between harbour and south beach is a good place to start.
Ive flyfished for years and basically do the same in saltwater as fresh.
if anything less delicacy is reqd. in the sea.
bear in mind that the irish record for sea trout on fly is over 16 lb caught in glencullen (up in the dublin mountains) after it had made its way up the dargle at bray. So maybe arounbd bray harbour is as good a place as any to start.

Wed Nov 24, 2004 3:53 pm

The gadget is a good fly but there are many many others that a person could use. The artic bugger (Irish Angler #2&3 I think) is very easy to tie and is a cracking fly for sea trout and if fished in the right place could be excellent for bass as well. If your after Bass there are two many to list but the Clouser minnow is various colours has to be one of the best all round salt water fly out there.

Tight lines,