Ordering gear from Japan.

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Ordering gear from Japan.

Postby ATF » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:44 pm

Thinking of ordering some reels and Majorcraft rods from Japan, has anyone had any experiences of ordering from Japan i.e. with duty charges etc...
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Re: Ordering gear from Japan.

Postby Rob Millard » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:16 pm

When buying from a country that's outside the EU, you will have to pay vat & duty at the point of entry, so that will add at least 23% to the cost of the gear that you're buying.
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Re: Ordering gear from Japan.

Postby ste c » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:37 pm

Its a 50/50 sometimes get stung sometimes you dont used to order alot of car parts for hondas from japan and have got reels before too sometimes sellers will mark price lower if you tell them to because of it
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Re: Ordering gear from Japan.

Postby kieran » Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:07 pm

yeah... agreed with ste c

duty can be assessed by some delivery companies (DHL if I recall) and not by others - it depends on the arrangements they have with the C&E / Revenue. The smaller companies in my experience tend not to look for duty. Best to allow for it in your calculations and if you get missed, happy days...
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Re: Ordering gear from Japan.

Postby papasenseida » Sat May 06, 2017 6:49 am

Japanese native speaker here. I just checked now and am surprised that the major retailers in Japan doesn't have English site. They ships worldwide, but don't have English page. Shocking.

I buy from Japanese internet shopping websites often, sometimes buy there then import by myself too. I never had custom/vat issues for my personal purchase. In case of fishing gears neither. If you order lots or as a business purchase, I am pretty sure that the custom moves.

When you use Amazon Japan in English mode, copy and paste the product name in Japanese. Use the product code in the manufacturer's Japanese site too, because the global product code can be different. Now, major retailers like, 釣具のポイント, ナチュラム, フィッシング遊web店 also appears with the proper pricing in the search results. Searching in English at amazon.co.jp - English mode displays full of rip off with mixing of non-Japanese products (even non-Japanese language). Completely different result from the search in Japanese, so be careful of.

NO GOOD : Major Craft Skyroad
GOOD : メジャークラフト スカイロード

NO GOOD : Shimano reel jigging
GOOD : シマノ リール ジギング

The large items like rods won't be able to be shipped to Ireland in Amazon. Hazardous items like chemicals, needles/hooks so on neither often. So, a lure boxed without hook can be shipped sometimes. It seems to be completely case-by-case. To ship such products, you will have to use purchase-services like Goods From Japan. Your item is sent to Japanese address (the service company's address) then re-shipped to your address. Needless to say but extra cost incurs.
http://www.goodsfromjapan.com/amazon-ja ... a-125.html

Alternatively, you can try another Japanese online shopping website with English page, like here Rakuten Global. Kind of mixture, but some seem to be all right at least in terms of pricing.

In case you have enquiries after/before purchase, just send email in English to Japanese office of the manufacturers/shops. They will try at their best to communicate with you, as they are Japanese. However, be clear in the subject line that you are a customer rather than a spammer.

Seeking information : [product name] について質問です
Seeking technical support : [product name] のサポートをお願いします
Doesn't arrive : 商品が届きません
Item broken : 商品が壊れて届きました
Different item shipped : 頼んだものと違う品物が届きました

I hope the above is useful for all.
Papa Senseida
Twitter : @PopSensyDad

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