North sea 27-06-04

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North sea 27-06-04

Postby toma » Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:57 pm

Today saw us back out to sea, the group was, Steve,Porky,Ron,Richy,Steve(2nd) and me

This was the first time Richy had been out boat fishing
We were fishing the flood tide

Steve and moi got picked up at 5.40am, we waited for Richy to arrive at Steves house,then we got a call, see you down the docks, Richy went straight to the docks, bahhhhhh we wasted time waiting for him,

For bait we had ragworm and squid
We set sail at about 6.10am, got to our first mark an 1/2 hour later, first drop down, whiting, whiting fell to three rods, we stayed on the mark for about an 1/2hour, then we moved.

Got to our 2nd mark, dropped down again, this time the cod were biting, small tommy's., The whiting continued to bite, as did the coalfish, Steve (no1) was quiet, he had a double hooker, a decent cod and a bullhead,

Fishing was slow for an hour or so, so we moved again, and what a move it turned out to be, cod and more cod were caught.

Some good sizes were boated, although Ron found it hard to get any.

This is my best of the day


Steve (no2) had some double hookers, here's one of them

Top rod of the went to Steve (no1)
Here's Steve's haul


Biggest fish was between Porky and myself.

In all we had 52 good sized fish onboard.. Exluding the small cod that we threw back,also released,coalfish,whiting and some flat fish,in all i would say we had 80+ fish.

We decided to call it a day at 11am, the wind was picking up that much the water was getting very lumpy, with the tide coming in and a westerly wind it waqs getting harder to hold bottom.

It took us 1hour 5 minutes to get back from 3 mile out.

The last photo of the day was of this motley crew


In all a GREAT days fishing,with great lads for company, what more could you ask for.

Here's Steve ( no2) after his soaking, he was cleaning the fish and got drenched for his troubles



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