Gigabyte - Castlemaine Harbour - Inch 13/08/06

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Gigabyte - Castlemaine Harbour - Inch 13/08/06

Postby SeanP » Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:13 pm

People:Me & Bigcol

Duration: 9am to 7pm

Tide: HW:9am LW: 3pm

Weather: Cloud/sun, F3-5

Bait: Mack

Results: Mack, Thornback Ray, Tope,


Set out from Cromane and stopped off at the end of Inch for Mackerel, no problems today absolutely stuffed with them, we decided to try for Tope for the first hour, but not a bite and no thorny's neither, so we decided to head out to a bank out from the end of inch, unfortunatley the wind blowing up by then and the rush of the tide made it look a bit hairy so we kept going across to the rocks out from the road end of inch to do some spinning in search of a bass, again we failed, only a damn seagull which i missed picking up a mack i was freeling and obviously not as deep as i thought, and yes i did release him!
Had a breif look at the bank again on the way back but decided against it, still looked a bit dodgy so off back to try for tope again.
By now the tide was flooding so we were a bit more hopefull, after nearly an hour of constant ground baiting and changing baits time for another move only a few hundred yards but on a bit more uneven ground and this time first cast colm got a thornback and not long after he hooked a tope with the speed of the tide it must of kept him busy for 1/2hr, just as it was coming into the boat i had a bit of a tussle with it resulting in it doing a twirl around the line and what looked like being lassoed around the tail, oh sh1t i thought thats it now! in that tide as well, luckily after applying the handbrake on col's reel it straigtened out the line and the fight was on again, then at last we got it aboard. I missed one run and had a decent thornback, but that was it, not the best trip by a long way, but at least no speeding tickets, the new anchor worked well and is still onboard and all the rods are still in one piece.


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Postby bigcol » Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:34 pm

Thanks for an entertaining day out mate.As always plenty of entertainment.The fishing wasn't the greatest but that tope gave the best fight i have ever had on rod and reel anyway.
We did see alot of bird activity on a shallow bank and thought it worth a go spinning for bass as it looked like something was driving bait up to the surface.After 5 minutes spinning Sean shouts "I've got one".I turn to watch the action but I'm confused as the line seems very slack.He meant he had hooked one of what the birds were after.Possibley the smallest shrimp you have ever seen.
At one stage the tally read:Colm mackeral/tope/thornie
Sean mackeral/seagull/shrimp.
Thank god for that last thornie eh mate :lol:
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