fishing out of bunbeg

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fishing out of bunbeg

Postby dingbat » Thu May 20, 2004 6:53 pm

Friends fishe out of Bunbeg on Tuesday the 18/5/04. Intending to fish a wreck. Could not go myself broken rib. Turned out to be a rough day and they failed toreach the wreck. But general fishing brought 3 boxes of good pollock and some cod. They were happy enough with their day
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Postby arthurg » Fri May 21, 2004 9:21 am

I really enjoy fishing out of Bunbeg - the most picturesque wee harbour I have seen. Due to bad weather I have never fished the wreck that is apparently about 5 or 6 miles off, but I have fished off the foreland and further out on the mixed ground.

Determined to make it to the wreck this year.

One of the well told fishing yarns relates to a trip to Bunbeg when we went out on one of the wee white boats. It was helluva rough with half the boys throwing rings around them and my son huddled around the leg of the skippers seat in the tiny wee wheelhouse (like a white telephone box for anyone who has never seen these boats). It was bucketing with rain and there was no shelter whatsoever.

We were fishing off Bloody Foreland and Charlie and myself were catching one or two Pollock, but it was hard work. We mentioned that we'd like to fish the wreck on a better day, however the skipper, who must have had suicidal tendencies, offered to take us out immediately. I voiced my thoughts that if we did, then in years to come, fishermen would talk about fishing the wee wreck lying beside the big wreck!

We fished off the foreland for about an hour, riding broadside up and down really high rollers. When we were down in the trough, there were just huge walls of water above the boat on either side. Then Charlie and I looked up and a huge swell - quite probably a double wave impersonating a tidal wave - bore down upon us. I saw it first and nudged Charlie - this was the biggest thing I'd ever seen. I swear they could have photographed us for the cover of "The Perfect Storm", you know when the trawler gets swamped by the tidal wave - it seemed that big. I thought we were goners (Oh, and no life jackets by the way!!! Will we ever learn?). We rode up the side of it with tackle boxes and anything else that wasn't tied down flying across the deck, with the boat seemingly almost horizontal instead of vertical mid-way up the wave. Like riding a roller-coaster we popped over the crest with stomach-churning fear but found ourselves safe and sound on the other side. Someone was on our side that day.

Not long after, we called off the madness and headed for the safety of the harbour. One of the boys - Paddy - had spent about an hour and a half hanging onto the mast for dear life. When the boat rolled to the left, he threw up over the left hand side - when it rolled to the right ..................

Once we were in calmer water he eventually let go his embrace of the mast and joined the rest of us trying to get some shelter behind the tiny wheelhouse. He said that he'd been trying to use his mobile to phone Finner for the last hour to call the helicopter but was too afraid to let go of the mast to dial the number! He hadn't been fishing much before then and thought we were patients on a Jack Nicholson trip, though he couldn't find the big Indian!

Next day was much quieter and we went up for Paddy who informed us that he was never setting foot in a boat again. Two hours later he was aboard the Enterprise out of Rathmullan and had a great day!
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Postby Guest » Thu May 27, 2004 2:35 pm

I've tried to get contact details for ages for charters in Bunbeg. Can you send me some please ? Send them to H Rocks for me (his brother here)


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