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Rapala, Cork Harbour 15/06/06

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:14 am
by petekd
Launched from Crosshaven at LW with Donal (not forum member) on a peach of a day with blue skies and light winds. We headed out towards the Turbot bank firstly, one drift (at lightning speed it has to be said :shock: ) later and we had a few macks to get us started off. We headed about a half mile south of harbour rock and set up for a drift with Hokkais/shrimp rigs baited with Mack and Rag. It was Whiting central for the first half of the drift, pulling them up 3 at a time with majority of fish quite small with a sprinkling of bigger fellas around the 1lb mark. Odd considering there were feck all whiting caught in the harbour all winter :? As we came over the rock usual suspects, wrasse, mack, pollack etc were showing with pollack to 4lbs coming aboard. We continued at this for an hour or two with, despite the speed, no drift being unproductive, whiting hammering baits as soon as they touched bottom with other species picking them up around the rock.

We headed towards the western side then and proceeded to drift across from that angle for a while, whiting again but a few nice codling around the 3 or 4lb mark also coming to the boat, the biggest Pollack of the day came from this area also. It was caught on a clear and red shad fished on spinning gear. I was using a baitcaster on a spinning rod and during the cast/descent, the line had somehow got in behind the spool, it was while I was trying to sort that out that the fella took....It was only the speed of the drift that was imparting any action to the lure! Funnily enough, just wasnt what I needed at that particular moment in time mid tangle with a decent pollack hopping mad at the end of the rod! We were lucky to land that fish TBH. I had a set of hokkais also fishing at the same time in a holder about 6 feet off the bottom that in the middle of all that started bouncing around to a nice codling....and we go fishing to relax!

Finished off the day with a few drifts about a mile outside the harbour but nothing doing there as tide was slackening off. All in all a lovely day out and great to see a few fish coming aboard. Thanks to Jim for his tips, will hit those marks another day mate, was having too much fun where we were TBH. Incidentally, Rob, was that you anchored near buoy No. 6 at the Turbot bank ( I think)? Jim mentioned you may be in the area.