Portrush aboard keenfisher ,river dancer and sea dog

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Portrush aboard keenfisher ,river dancer and sea dog

Postby Ronald » Mon May 08, 2006 1:10 pm

People:Myself ,Neil ,darryl ,grant and michael

Duration:fri evening till sunday evening

Tide:up and down


Bait:Mackerel,sandeel,squid rag and lug


Results:pollack ,cod ,coalies grey and tub gurnard ,dab ,sandeel,mackerel .

Report:Manage dto get a pass out from the other half for a whole weekend as we'd all aranged to go and try lough swilly for some early tope ,seemed like a great idea ,well planned etc. so after arriving at fahan on friday evening we got tents pitched went to pub had a couple of beers ,great nights craic ,saturday morning came to early ,wind blowing a bit but no worries as it wasn't to serious ,darryl made a cracking fry up for us all and of we headed to buncrana to launch the boats on the ferry slip ,then disaster struck ,they'd put a bloody gate across the slip to stop joyriders ,no contact number nothing ,after a natter with a guy from the local lifeboat crew who tried to get in contact with someone with a key we gave up ,so after towing boats for 2hrs the night before ,camping out ,the whole day was wrecked cos some prat in the council thought it would be a good idea to put a gate on the only decent slip on the buncrana side of lough swilly and not put a contact number for getting it opened

A quick decision had to be made on weather to scrap the weekend or try something else ,the only other option was to fish portrush ,so of we set back down the road to neils caravan .
The weather was far from ideal for fishing out of here but better than nothing so after eventually getting launched late on saturday afternoon we headed to fish the back of the skerries for pollack on the light gear ,not exactly tope fishing but good to get out on the water i managed the best fish of the evening with a pollack 5lb+ on the baitcaster with neil and michael getting pollack and coalies in the 2-4lb region . the forecast for sunday was good so we decided to stay in portrush and fish the causeway bank for plaice etc. the following day .
After a good nights sleep and another monster fry made by darryl we went to launch again at portrush, after a bit of hassle on the slip we set of for the bank ,stopping of at the iron man for a few chucks at the pollack ,nothing was showing so we continued onto the bank ,after a couple of drifts nothing really was showing here either bar gurnard (5 at a time for darryl ) and a couple of small dab and a codling 3lb mark ,so of we went to benbane head to see if it would produce any bigger cod ,neil lost one good fish and lifted a couple more 2-3lbers and michael got a pb tub gurnard at 1lb 7oz ,as the tide satarted to pick up a bit we headed out to the causeway face to try a few drifts of it for ling and hopefully some bigger pollack .
A couple of very slow drifts of the face produced a couple of small ling up to 5lb but no pollack , so the decision was taken to head for home ,it was 6pm by the time we got back into portrush ,tired and a bit fed up with the disastorious weekend but at least we got a few fish.
It just goes to show even the best layed plans can go badly wrong so it's good to have a back up just in case .
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Postby BigPhil » Mon May 08, 2006 8:42 pm

ahh well, ronald, at least you got to wet a line and get some fish in the end anyhow!
Not the BigPhil from Irish Angler mag, I'm the original, i swear!!!!
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