Blue Shark recaptured after 611 days

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Blue Shark recaptured after 611 days

Postby mann » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:28 pm

Hello again folks

Been away from the fishing for far too long and what sparked off my interest again is a letter from inland fisheries that came last Friday, Tried to upload it but have forgotten how to downsize it.... Anyways it said the fish #42475 tagged 12/08/2015 was recaptured 14/04/2017 :D

After 611 days at liberty, 1050km W of Vigo, Distance traveled between tagging and recapture 1500km, What made this so special to me is I have the video of the day I tagged this Blue and of course it was my first Blue shark :D Had other shark vids but my computer ate them, The only thing that saved this one is Youtube

some time back I spoke to a couple of the lads that used to tag the blues and was surprised to hear them say they never had a report back.. Thank Buddha this news didn't put me off doing the tag's,

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