Galway Bay 4/3/06

Sun Mar 05, 2006 9:40 am

People: Self only

[b]Duration: 4 hrs.

[b]Tide: 2 hrs. either side of LT

[b]Weather: Blue skies, cold F 3-5

[b]Bait: Suid

[b]Rigs: Pirking and ledgering

[b]Results: Pollack, coalies, whiting, dogs and pout.

Nothing of any size. There was, however, a big one that got away!!!! Not a pollack or coalie. Was a specimen that had a considerable side to side pull rather than a dive. Straightened a size 4/0. Would love to have at least seen it but was lost mid water at a 140 foot mark.
Most of the time was spent by little whiting picking at the bottom fished bait.
On past performance around here, at this time of year, should have caught some cod and haddock.