Beara - August Weekend

Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:06 pm

Hey All,

A few hours over the August weekend on the water down west.
Simple enough fishing, just drifting along over rocky ground with feathers and jellies. Casting distance from shore mostly but covered a good few spots on the drift

A bucket of mackerel in a few drops, could have had more, but you know yourself, why bother
Changed over to gilling and picked up a good batch of pollack to about 5lbs.

Herself came out for the trip and bounced some feathers around too, she hasnt done much fishing but enjoys it occasionally.
She hit a full string of pollack one about 5lbs and 4 about 2lbs each. Nearly dragged her overboard!

Good day out all in all. Pity the regatta was rained out on monday